Our Technology


The significant increase in production of garments has been a boom to which Teknit gladly opened the doors. This, however, led to a rising number of services that provides teknit: among these the most important and required is the control and the removal of patches.


Founded in 1993 Teknit S.r.l. is engaged in production of knitted fabrics using advanced knitting machines.
Initially created as a family management company, is now an important pillar regent of the textile industry which many industries rely on the creation of garments.

Always immersed in the work Teknit is open from Monday to Sunday, without interruption even during the holidays Easter and Christmas.


teknit the past owner of several trucks for the distribution of tissue, it now supports many autotrasoprtatori which entrusts the precious fabrics that it produces.
Many truck drivers every day "calling" to Teknit, is to load tons of patches (hundreds of rolls made of fabric), is to download several pallets of tissue from different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Czechoslovakia.